Fate or coincidence My story meeting Uudam

Hearing his voice on the Talent Show a few years ago, my soul was deeply touched, and I wanted to meet him one day. Fortunately, fate brought him to me, Vancouver. Soon, we felt respect and resonance for each other. I said to myself, what a wonderful soul I met.
Then, the first project we worked together, the live video uploaded on Facebook, surprised the world.


Our love for each other’s music continued to grow, and we decided to record a video. The collision between Native Americans and Inner Mongolia produced such magical energy.

Uudam Edgar Muenala

In my native old saying:
YAKU MAMITA, JATUN KUTAKACHI, SHAMUY, SHAMUY, SHAMUY means: Mother River, great mountains, come on, come on, come on!
Uudam is my younger brother. I respect him and love him. He has become a part of my family. How lucky I am.

uudam uudam

Too many stories want to tell you. I invited him to the Sweat Lodge, an intimate celebration of Native Americans. Uudam, my son Rumy, sing and pray with me. They presided over the whole ceremony like warriors, and I am proud of them. “The significance of this ritual is to be reborn with more energy”

Ms. Wei Meirong, thank you for your unconditional support, and thank you for accepting Uudam’s (Auspicious family) Burenbayar, Uzhna, Norma family. It is an honor to share your wonderful music. My dream has come true, thank you forever.

I will follow you and support you as always! This is our story.

uudam edgar 2021
Edgar Muenala - Uudam