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Edgar Muenala is a unique artist among his own generation, a composer, songwriter and a pan flute extraordinaire who combines ancient tunes with new age sensibility. 

He is an independent artist based in Vancouver – Canada who has traveled USA, CANADA, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE AND SOUTH AMERICA sharing his music with all types of crowds.
Inspired by both his native music and culture creating a musical fusion of sounds from around the world.

His focus was to bring together different traditional instruments along with culturally diverse rhythms and electronic digital effects to form his own contemporary style.

• In February of 2010, he was featured at the stage for the Vancouver Winter Olympics Game in 2010.
• On Facebook 9.4 million viewer with song, THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART Live Streamed.
• Edgar’s Chess video in You Tube achieved 2.3 million views.
Hallelujah on Pan flute | Aleluya by Edgar Muenala | (Official Music Video) 11 million views


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